Need to transport your motorcycle? Are you worried about your tie downs holding? Concerned your motorcycle could fall from your trailer or truck? Then Tyre Down™ is an essential accessory! Utilising a steel cradle and ratchet straps, Tyre Down™ safely secures your motorcycle during transport via the rear tyre (tire) whilst protecting your bikes suspension, fork seals, grips and bars. Tyre Down™ will fit all dirt bikes (enduro, trail and motocross). It also fits most sportbikes and many models of Harley-Davidson and other choppers and touring bikes. Check out our video and photo gallery.

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Protect your motorcycle during transport, garaging and storage by using the very latest in tie downs, Tyre Down™. Tyre Down™ removes the need for front tie downs thereby protecting your bikes suspension and fork seals. click here for more info

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